Brinck_Ranki_2_photo Ilkka Kallio 2014 nettiSUONSILMÄT

The Infiltrators
Surreal observations of three sites
VÄRE V2 gallery, Aalto University

In this photo series artist group ART4 is asking straight forward, yet extremely complex questions: What is reflected and what is filtered? The Infiltrators attempt to emerge into the surroundings and all previous expectations become unclear. The photos are viewing the surreal, taking a peek into the irrational. How to be present in a moment and letting go of the expected? How to observe the surroundings without demands? The photos are suggesting to taking a break from the everyday life. They reflect, filter and capture an omnipresent dreamlike world. The group is taking a leap into an adventure of the unplanned situations.

The art project has taken place during the time period between 2014-2018 in three various surroundings: a swamp, the archipelago and the city. The photos are presented without photo manipulation.