In the beginning I was filled with untold stories. Then, years later, the stories became louder and they crawled over me. I gave myself the right to let them breathe. I decided to honor my life. Be a storyteller, an artist.
I aspire to humble honesty to make my works reach a state of being immediate mediums between experiences, a path between experimenter and observer, a key to feel movement in one´s mind, a pace, a sigh, a glimpse, a touch to ones humanity. Merja Ranki


The active artistic career of sculptress and ceramisist Merja Ranki with exhibitions of sculptures, videos and installations has been ongoing since 1981 in Finland and in Europe. Mastering several materials and being inspired by them the artist entitles herself as a material adventurer. In her works she combines the reality and dreams and the conflict between them. Recently she has been involved with public art projects in Finland. The artist has been active in establishing and improving artist communities in Helsinki area.