The Infiltrators
Surreal observations of three sites
VÄRE V2 gallery, Aalto University

In this photo series artist group ART4 is asking straight forward, yet extremely complex questions: What is reflected and what is filtered? The Infiltrators attempt to emerge into the surroundings and all previous expectations become unclear. The photos are viewing the surreal, taking a peek into the irrational. How to be present in a moment and letting go of the expected? How to observe the surroundings without demands? The photos are suggesting to taking a break from the everyday life. They reflect, filter and capture an omnipresent dreamlike world. The group is taking a leap into an adventure of the unplanned situations.

The art project has taken place during the time period between 2014-2018 in three various surroundings: a swamp, the archipelago and the city. The photos are presented without photo manipulation.

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Jaana Brinck

Riikka Latva-Somppi

Merja Ranki

Outi Turpeinen

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Tikkurila public art project design team

Tikkurila public art
project design team




Jyväskylä 15.2.2018



Vuoden ympäristörakenne -palkinto 2017       The environmental design of the year award 2017

Taidekeskustan avajaiset Tikkurilassa 9.8.2016

Helsingin Uutiset 3.8.2016

Vantaan Sanomat 20.3.2016

Vantaan Sanomat 7.3.2016